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               Project/Game/Asset They use ElkanSoft models
These are all Games and Projects using ElkanSoft Asset Models, our models purchased in AssetStore are compatible with other motor games because everyone within the package includes common Fbx formats.
In this section we can see in ElknaSoft action models made with various unity3D game engines at Unreal Engine 4.

You can send via email: your video links, images of your projects, which we will be happy to post here on our site to show your projects using our models to get you free advertising for your projects, games, assets.
ElkanSoft AssetStore SeaAnimalsPackv2 in the Unreal4
         ElkanSoft AssetStore SeaAnimalsPackv2 in the Unreal4
ElkanSoft AssetStore SeaAnimalsPackv2 in the Unreal4

                                    Animal Agent AI Behavior
An all-in-one solution for realistic mood-driven animal agent behaviour in Unity.
This package uses finite state machines to mimic animalistic actions depending on mood which is driven by vital and environmental factors.
-Multi-threaded for optimized performance
-Included pooling and spawner
-Three different agent behavior modes (Agressive,Passive,Defensive)
-Four different agent moods (Satisfied, Tired, Hungry, Hurt)
-Eight different agent behaviors (Idle,Rest,Eat,Wander,Flee,Chase,Attack,Dead)
-Hightly costumizable to fit every need
-Adjustable for every kind of animal
-Programmaticaly calculated waypoints
-Optional static and dynamic wandering behavior
-Supports Mechanim Animation System
-Easy Implementation

This Asset Compatible Models ElkanSoft
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