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                               Eternity Of Gods                            
Italy Games,My Project Made  Unity3D
This Games inspired Classic Famous RpgAction Zelda,Drakan.
GamePlay Rpg Action/Adventure
The Gods need your help an ordinary mortal will become the legendary warrior, mystery, adventure, through the most mysterious places of history and mythology.
Wield legendary weapons and divine armor of every age and time, challenge mythological and legendary creatures
collects mythological creatures to summon them and defeat your powerful enemies, Take on the most powerful warriors of mythology such as the famous Achilles, the mighty Hercules, and Thor,Dracula.
an adventure that will take you beyond the boundaries of the 'universe.
In the game will be present mythology ad mistery :
Greek /Roman/ Nordic / Celtic / Egyptian / anglosassone
Eternity of God Created by Stefano.V.

The story of Commander Zeiran that after being sent into space to retrieve a powerful weapon stolen by alien enemies, you will find thrown into an unknown world out of time
Zeirain only and no weapons will face an unknown threat in a planet populated by beasts Primitive and aggressive
His only way of salvation and 'Turan a powerful weapon capable of making every be a powerful weapon
The Turan merging with the cells of the body Zeiran give life to the living organic Gronuga a powerful armor that will play the entire body of Zeiran donadoli superhuman abilities to the limit
The Game and 'have inspired the most famous of the Platform' 1980/1990
Megaman / Metroid / draconus
Enclosing in it a unique and addictive Game-Play
The gameplay in addition to present a diverse mixture of Avventura.Azione is
enriched with the ability to evolve your level of experience as the most classic RPG
Game language Italian / English.
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