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                                    NEW PACK "FARM ANIMALS PACK V2"

                                              ElkanSoft Create Asset For Unity

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All packages are in Unity3D format - the advantage of our packages:
1-The single pack They are made,in format textured atlas  using only material for all models ,this will greatly reduce in calculation process in the game engine.
2 - most of our packages also have LOD included, the calculation of polygons is greatly reduced.
3-the skeleton of the individual models, contains the bare minimum of bones, minimum lower calculationthe quality on the animations.
4-All my models in common format FBX, this will allow you to use them in other game engines, programs, modellatori3D, which accept FBX format.

all our packages will be updated from time to time, improved to new versions of unity3D
the regular update has not been done, the reason for this is to help all users using earlier versions of unity3D to buy and use our packages
all our packages will pass new unity3D 2017 -20018 as soon as possible
future updates, include some new animations, lod, perfect some points

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